Here's what our customers are saying about Lollipetals


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“This is the best thing that’s ever happened to my boobs! Very effective and stylish. Aside from being super cute, they stick really well and are easy to reuse.” 

— Corey

"These things are thin and light enough that I forget I'm even wearing them - but they are still able to stop any nips from showing through. Love it!!"

— Melody

“All I can say is – YES! Lollipetals are the thing I never knew I needed and now I can't live without. They fit my C cup boobs perfectly without smooshing or giving that puffy nipple look. It basically looks like I’m not wearing a bra, but better. Personally, I wear them under the sheerest white shirt I can find and I soak in the compliments.”

— Shea

“If you’ve ever worn another brand of pasties, you know what people mean when they say chicken cutlets. I was so excited to try my Lollipetals! I bought them in Medium Nude and Red Poppy and the designs are gorgeous. Why have I been wearing ugly silicone bandaids for the last three years?! Thank you Lollipetals!”

— Cyndi

“I’ve been a long time user of “other” silicone pasties. Never in my life did I think they were something I’d get excited about! Usually they’d be the first thing I’d take off when I got home, but not anymore. Lollipetals has changed the game! I literally smile at myself when I put them on and look in the mirror. They make me glow! I feel gorgeous, comfortable, and completely at ease NOT wearing a bra. The amount of shirts in my closet that I can now wear because I have the right under accessory is insane. Lollipetals are my new favorite wardrobe staple.”

— Rachel

“I was a bit hesitant when my daughter gifted me a pair of Lollipetals. I felt like at 65 years old, I would not be a candidate for the bra-free club! I was curious though, so I carefully aligned them with the center of my nipple, gave a little lift up and securely fit them to my breast. The adhesive stuck so comfortably and felt like a second skin. They looked beautiful! My honest opinion, Lollipetals are so lovely and comfortable, you will forget you’re wearing them but they will make you feel beautiful and confident inside and out. Now a proud member of the bra-free club!” 

— Robyn

I have DD Breasts and while I love the “easy” look, I’m not one to go bra-free (power to those who can!). What I love about Lollipetals is that I can pair them under a super thin bra and still get that nip-free security without needing padding. Best of both worlds.” 

— Christy

“Someone has finally taken pasties and made them something you WANT to wear. There’s a totally different vibe when you put on a pair of Lollipetals. They make you feel fierce! I’m not covering up my nipples, I’m dressing them up the way they deserve. ”

— Michelle

"Pasties finally made for a woman! Classy and sexy, and gets the job done. I'm buying every design." 

— India