Made from the highest-quality silicone, Lollipetals flower design nipple covers combine the comfortable coverage of silicone with the style and fun of fashion pasties.

Lollipetals are the first 100% silicone nipple covers that feature full color designs - and are also adhesive, washable, reusable and comfortable to wear.

Because your nipples deserve better.


No more sticky chicken cutlets. No more ugly bandaids. Just easy-to-apply-and-wear stylish nipple covers. The organic shape subtly forms to the natural curve of your breasts. Plus, the super thin silicone creates a seamless, barely-there look—perfect for the tightest of tees.

You'll never think about
another wardrobe malfunction again.

It’s time to push the demi cups, the push-up bras and the strapless bandeaus to the back of the wardrobe and say “hello!” to Lollipetals — a glamorous pastie that’s as modern, stylish, sassy, and empowered as you are.

Whether you’re wearing them under a little black dress, a deep V blouse or a super sheer top, Lollipetals combine comfort and function with just the right amount of va-va-voom.

put them on or take them off
any time, anywhere

From the beach to bonfires, desk to dinner, cocktails to concerts, or just happily lounging around, Lollipetals will make you feel fierce and fabulous while being decidedly functional and oh-so comfortable.