About Our Founder
Lara Colucci

Like most great inventions, Lollipetals was born from necessity. When our founder, Lara Colucci, broke her arm snowboarding, she quickly realized that putting on a bra with a cast was completely out of the question.

The Problem

She needed something easy and discreet that she could wear as a bra-free option while she was still healing. But Lara found none of these things. Breast band-aids, painful stickers and chicken-cutlet inspired nipple covers dominated her search. Even the pasties that seemed to work had another major flaw– they looked really weird! But what about something stylish and functional? 

The Problem
Designing Lollipetals

The Solution

Lara was looking for a happy medium— a silicone pastie that was easy to apply and seamless under clothing, but also didn’t look like an awkward bandaid. To find it, she’d have to design it herself. So she designed Lollipetals.



“If you’ve ever worn another brand of pasties, you know what people mean when they say chicken cutlets. I was so excited to try my Lollipetals! I bought them in Medium Nude and Red Poppy and the designs are gorgeous. Why have I been wearing ugly silicone bandaids for the last three years?! Thank you Lollipetals!”


“Someone has finally taken pasties and made them something you WANT to wear. There’s a totally different vibe when you put on a pair of Lollipetals. They make you feel fierce! I’m not covering up my nipples, I’m dressing them up the way they deserve. ”