Nipple Covers verse Nipple Pasties

Nipple Covers verse Nipple Pasties

When it comes to nipple covers vs nipple pasties, opinions vary: are they the same or different? The answer is: both! Like high heels and sandals, nipple covers and pasties serve similar purposes but differ in material, functionality, and style.

Nipple covers, also known as silicone nipple covers, nippies, or reusable covers, are made from 100% silicone, making them adhesive, reusable, and seamless. Traditionally, pasties are more costume-inspired and made from tape, fabric, or other embellished materials. While both cover nipples, pasties are often worn with or without a top, whereas nipple covers provide coverage under clothing without being a visible accessory.

Another difference is in the functionality. Where nipple covers provide smooth coverage, pasties can be seamless or textured based on the design. Pasties are generally single use. Nipple covers, made from silicone and silicone adhesive, can be washed and reused multiple times.

Visually, pasties come in a limitless variety of shapes and designs that can make a stylish and fun addition to your outfit. While nipple covers do come in a lot of variety, they tend to be circular andskin tone shades. The exception to this is Lollipetals nipple covers, which are made with the same premium material as traditional nipple covers, but also come in fun designs and colors. Lollipetals take the stylish element from pasties and combine it with the adhesive and reusable functionality of nipple covers - making them an option that can be interchanged with covers or pasties.

It’s common to see pasties and nipple covers used synonymously. They’re also called breast petals, breast shields, or breast stickers among other things. It’s best to thoroughly read the product description before purchasing, to make sure you end up with the product you have in mind.

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