The Case for Beautiful Nipple Covers

The Case for Beautiful Nipple Covers

Designing for Coverage, Comfort and Confidence

Reusable nipple covers (aka nipple pasties) have been around for awhile. Whether you’ve worn nipple Band-Aids, breast tape, disposable pasties, sticky bras, or what’s jokingly referred to as sticky chicken cutlets – chances are you’re familiar with some version of adhesive nipple covers. And if you’re anything like me, the experience probably didn’t stand out as “amazing and feel good.” That’s because most nipple covers are designed to be functional but not flattering. They might work well for coverage, but they’re not designed with any specific focus on how you FEEL. That is to say, before Lollipetals. But first some backstory.

Saying "No more" to Embarrassing Nipple Covers

I started wearing pasties because I literally could not put on a bra. I had broken my wrist and was in a cast that made it impossible to get straps on. I didn’t just wear pasties on occasion, I was living in them every day for several months. I must have bought every version of adhesive boob product that was ever made. You name it, I tried it. And I quickly realized two things: I really loved the freedom of not wearing a bra while also not feeling exposed, but the products I was buying weren’t good enough. Have you ever had a flower shaped rash around your areola after wearing disposable pasties? Not pretty. Eventually I found nipple covers that didn’t irritate my skin and also fit well (hello silicone!) but there was still one big problem. They looked really strange! The best way I’ve heard it described is “Barbie Doll Boobs” - just no nipples at all. I wanted coverage, but I didn’t want to treat my nipples like they were something to be ashamed of. Wearing the bandaids and “invisible” nipple covers felt like I was censoring my body, it didn’t feel natural to me. Instead, I wanted to experience comfortable coverage that felt beautiful and empowering. I wanted a solution that was all about confidence and actually loving my nipples, not shaming then. So I decided I would make them myself.

Enter Lollipetals, the brand that’s changing how you feel wearing nipple covers!

Nipple Pasties that Feel Empowering

So what’s really different about Lollipetals? For starters, we aren’t trying to erase your nipples. We wanted a design that made you feel sexy, like wearing a lacy bra, while also being comfortable! Where most products are designed to look like nipples don’t exist, Lollipetals are designed to provide great coverage while still making you feel feminine, beautiful and confident. We took all the best features of silicone nipple covers (super thin edges, reusable adhesive, comfortable fit, smooth shape) and combined them with the style of something you’d find in your lingerie drawer. Because most importantly, we wanted to give women an option that didn’t feel like body shaming. And that’s the real case for beautiful nipple covers. We think they should make you feel empowered and confident, and not like you’re censoring your body from embarrassment. Lollipetals are about celebrating our bodies - by wearing coverage that’s comfortable, functional, and really beautiful.

Need more reasons to wear cute pasties? Let’s talk about low cut tops and sheer material. What’s unique about Lollipetals is that they aren’t just about covering up. They’re an accessory that can be shown! Let’s be real, women’s fashion can be tricky, and the last thing we need is nipple covers we’re embarrassed to be seen in. Whether it’s under a great top that gapes when you lean over, or a strappy dress that shifts when you dance - Lollipetals give you the choice to ditch the bra and still feel confident, even under those tops that might otherwise provide a little wardrobe malfunction. In the end, it’s really about having a great solution that also feels powerful and sexy. There’s just a different level of confidence when you’re wearing something that really lets you feel beautiful and free and unrestrained, while yes, providing some coverage too.