Why We're Discontinuing the Gentle Adhesive Option

In 2022 we introduced two types of adhesive for Lollipetals, our best-selling Ultra Adhesive and a new Gentle Adhesive for Sensitive Skin. After a lot of research and customer feedback, we’ve reached the conclusion that our “Ultra” strength is still gentle enough for sensitive skin, but still sticky enough for multiple wears and long-lasting coverage.

So we’ve made the decision to discontinue the “Gentle” strength and moving forward, Lollipetals will no longer be defined by adhesive strength. This means that both the “Gentle” and “Ultra” labels are being retired. What’s currently known as our Ultra Adhesive will remain as our flagship Lollies, but you won’t see the label “Ultra” anymore.

With that said, we know that many of you love the Gentle Adhesive, so we’re offering them to you at a huge discount while we make room for new inventory!!

Take 35% off all colors in Gentle Adhesive until they are gone forever with code GENTLE. If you take advantage of this offer, please note that they are final sale and will not come in our standard packaging.