How To Apply


Before applying your Lollipetals, prep your skin by making sure it is clean and dry and free of perfumes, oils or lotions, as this will impact the effectiveness of the adhesive material.

When ready to apply, remove your Lollipetals from their original packaging and gently peel off the protective layer, placing it in your storage case for safe keeping.

Do not place your Lollipetals sticky side down on any surface!


Everyone has their own method of applying pasties! Practice makes perfect, but our preferred way is the “nipple first” method.

Before you start, make sure that your Lollipetal is facing the desired direction. Place one finger on the outside (non-sticky) center of your Lollipetal and position the sticky side directly over your nipple. Apply pressure to the nipple first! Then, using two fingers, smooth your Lollipetal down from the center out. This allows the pastie to apply smoothly to your breast without creating bulges or creasing. Once it's in place, give a firm pat around the edges to make sure everything’s secure. Repeat and wear! 


When it’s time to remove your Lollipetals, peal gently from the edge and remove slowly. Like any adhesive, pealing quickly might cause a reaction (know your skin). If your Lollipetals look clean, reapply the protective liner and place in your storage case for safe keeping. If your Lollipetals have collected sweat or dirt, or you have worn them multiple times, wash them gently with mild soap and warm water. Allow them to air dry before reapplying the protective liner and placing in your storage case. Your Lollipetals will appear to have lost their “stick” when wet, but after fully drying, the adhesive becomes reactivated and ready for more wears! 



Lollipetals re-wearable silicone can be hand washed to keep the adhesive in action for multiple applications. Just rinse with mild soap and warm water and let air dry. Then wear, dazzle, and repeat!

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